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BWRT is the most effective and fastest treatment. It can literally change the low mood and self-doubt at the root. By simply swapping the direction the neural pathway in the brain..

Depression and low self-esteem

Experiencing overwhelming depression and low self-esteem can be an incredibly challenging and distressing emotional state. It’s important to understand that these feelings can vary in intensity and duration for different individuals, and they often overlap and reinforce each other. Here’s a description of what it might feel like

Overwhelming Sadness: Depression is characterised by a profound and persistent feeling of sadness that can be all-encompassing. It’s not just a fleeting emotion, but a persistent, heavy cloud that seems to hang over you. It’s like a weight on your chest that makes even the simplest tasks feel exhausting.

Hopelessness: Low self-esteem often goes hand-in-hand with feelings of hopelessness. You may believe that things will never get better and that you’re fundamentally flawed or unworthy of happiness. This negative mindset can trap you in a cycle of despair.

Isolation: Depression and low self-esteem can lead to withdrawal from social interactions and a sense of isolation. You may feel disconnected from friends and family, believing that you’re a burden to them or that they don’t truly care about you.

Self-Criticism: Low self-esteem often involves a relentless inner critic that constantly berates you for your perceived faults and mistakes. This self-criticism can further exacerbate feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy.

Fatigue and Apathy: Depression can sap your energy and motivation, making it difficult to find pleasure in things you once enjoyed. Simple tasks like getting out of bed or taking care of daily responsibilities can feel insurmountable.

Difficulty Concentrating: Depression can make it challenging to concentrate, leading to poor performance at work or in school. This can, in turn, reinforce feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Physical Symptoms: Depression can manifest in physical symptoms, such as changes in appetite, sleep disturbances, and aches and pains. These physical manifestations can add to the overall feeling of being overwhelmed

Suicidal Thoughts: In severe cases, depression and low self-esteem can lead to thoughts of self-harm or suicide. It’s crucial to seek help and support from professionals or loved ones if you ever experience these thoughts

Loss of Interest: Hobbies, activities, and interests that once brought joy may lose their appeal. This loss of interest can contribute to a sense of emptiness and despair.

Guilt and Shame: Low self-esteem often involves feelings of guilt and shame, even for things that aren’t your fault. These emotions can be paralysing and further contribute to the sense of being overwhelmed.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through these feelings alone. Many people struggle with depression and low self-esteem, and there are effective treatments and therapies available.

In my experience, BWRT is the most effective and fastest of these. It can literally change the low mood and self-doubt at the root. By simply swapping the direction the neural pathway in the brain..