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ADHD is NOT a superpower for many people


ADHD is biological and genetic. But also people with ADHD can respond over an enormous spectrum to environment and circumstance. That’s where BWRT can help change the spirals of unhealthy limiting response rapidly and extremely effectively. So BWRT can unravel the trauma of negotiating life with ADHD.


BWRT Therapy for ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, can be better described as attention dysregulation. It involves a rapid, hyperactive attention to detail, creating a blur of information. However, it can also offer the ability to perceive patterns swiftly before the blur returns, leading to a foggy feeling.

This condition is both biological and influenced by genetics and the environment. These elements combine to produce a wide range of symptoms, far beyond the stereotype of a hyperactive child fueled by sugar. Instead, it’s an interplay between nature and nurture, working hand in hand.

When dopamine levels are low, executive function can suffer, affecting how one perceives their default mode and impacting self-esteem. Inattentiveness might stem from an underlying hyperactivity, which can manifest subtly, such as constant toe or finger twitching or sensations like surges of electricity in the brain. These symptoms can occur separately or together as a combined form.

This inertia, often dubbed ADHD sloth, can decrease dopamine production and lead to an aversion to demands, further affecting self-esteem. Over time, this can result in heightened sensitivity in relationships, leading to a condition known as rejection sensitivity dysphoria. Individuals with ADHD often react strongly to any form of rejection, whether it’s related to their person or their achievements, experiencing it almost as a physical pain.

So. If we can somehow separate the nature and nurture. Brain Working Recursive Therapy for ADHD can be a gamechanger.

Please let me explain how.

The key is, How do you feel?  Can you isolate the most painful aspect of any of the symptoms described above (or any that are not)?

How would you prefer to feel ?

What if we can change that feeling like changing socks.

This is how it works.

The principle behind BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is that problematic neural pathways in the brain are the primary cause of how you respond emotionally to circumstance that can be biological.

The most primitive part of the brains architecture initiates a best match behavioural, cognative, and automatic  response to data experienced when incoming data is recognised. Theres no value good or bad attached at this stage. The match is simply the initial part of the fight or flight response. Its purpose is your survival. The problem arises when patterns of response that are no longer suited to the your life now.

BWRT intercepts the pattern matching by freezing the moment of disturbance and modifying the response to a preferred desired,healthy and relevant response.

Once enough responses have been successfully modified. It has a profound ongoing effect on the spirals of traumatising experience.

Sounds simple?

Please message, email, call to have a chat to find out if BWRT is what you’re looking for.