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How much will it cost?

My fees

My fee is £85 a session online & £95 face to face. We have up to an hour. BWRT can be successful in a single session, and rarely needs more than five.

Depending on my workload, and the clients circumstances.And at my discretion. I also take on either reduced or Pro Bono ( Free) Clients.

Am I going to have to uncover all my demons? No. In the vast majority of cases. All I need is an outline of your problem. And for you to be able to recall the strongest experience of it. Also for you to know how you would prefer to feel. A full intake form always forms the first session.

So. In a nutshell. BWRT is fast. Extremely effective. And cheap compared to other therapies.


Despite BWRT being content free. Or full disclosure unnecessary. Some clients feel safe enough and want to disclose some personal detail  Whatever you say in therapy, stays in therapy.  However, there are times when a therapist is legally obligated to break confidentiality:

  • Harm to self or others. If a therapist believes that you are in imminent danger of hurting yourself or someone else, a family member, police or ambulance will be called to ensure safety.
  • A child under the age of 16 or older adult in care is in danger. In these cases Family and Children’s Services or the police will be called.
  • Your files are subpoenaed by the court or by the College of Registered Psychotherapists.
  • A client experienced a health emergency during a session. In this case, medical staff would be provided only with necessary information.
    • No information  about why a client is in therapy will be shared.

    Some therapists (myself included) carry confidentiality into the community.  I inform clients that if I see them in the community I will not say hello.  I don’t want to put anyone is a situation where they have to explain how they know me.  I am always open to speaking to clients outside of the office, but they have to make first contact.


    Any cancellation must be received and acknowledged 24 Hours prior to therapy. Failure to do so will incur my expenses to be paid ( Room rental etc.) This is at my discretion.