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Helping with grief


I lost my Mum in 2020 and the pain of her death was compounded by a huge family rift, which caused me to experience an inability to sleep and lack of concentration.

I had a session with Danny and he skilfully used Brain Working Recursive Therapy. (BWRT). Danny helped me to replace horribly negative, traumatic memories, with more positive and healing ones.

Danny inspires confidence, with his warm, professional and reassuring manner. Although intensely emotional throughput, the therapy was hugely beneficial for me. I felt as if a weight had been lifted and came away feeling brighter and more able to cope with the grieving process.

“Dont know what to say except thank you thank you for giving me back control of my own life. I have spent fiffteen years trying to find an answer to my questions,have made some friends in the mental health system but no answers. A different approach to Therapy I decided was my last go at getting my life back if this did not work i would have to accept i would live my life in confusion and continue to feel very alone not a future to look forward to in my eyes especially with four children to raise. The decision made I went to see Danny Nuttall and my life was about to change far more than I could have wished for.

I had expected twelve sessions but a few sessions later and WOW root cause found and delt with unbelievable after fifteen years in therapy and my whole life spent in turmoil. I feel like i have been released from an internal prison, my mind can think in a straight line i can finally forgive, make my own decisions and stick to them, and as each day goes by I feel a bit like a normal person, and my husband loves the new me. No more tears, temper tantrums, hating myself, feeling worthless or wanting to go to sleep and not wake up. Please iIknow this all sounds a bit dramatic but that was my life, but not now. If you are at a place and dont know what to do give this a try you wont be sorry, having therapy with Danny, was better than winning the lottery! …and once again thank you Daniel, God bless you and have good health and a long and happy life…”

Tash (Natasha)

November 2006

CBT Programme


“My sessions with Danny helped me to believe something fundamentally important – that I am in control of the way I feel. He helped me realise that my perspective on life – the way that I chose to perceive it – was not helping me in any way. I now feel empowered and ready to take on life’s challenges. Danny is very easy going and personable and I found it easy to discuss my life with him. The best way to explain my sessions with Danny is via the use of a metaphor: Danny will show you the doorway towards taking more control over your feelings and, ultimately, your life. You will then need to walk through it.”




Highly effective therapy


I share Sue’s appreciation for all those involved in supporting Frontline 19 by providing their skills & expertise to delivering BWRT, a simple but highly effective therapy which has provided a life-line to some exceptional colleagues all doing their very best for their patients, residents in care and clients, sometimes to their own mental-health detriment.

This dedication to duty in the face of a deadly pandemic is inspirational but it comes at a heavy cost which even Covid 19 would be hard to beat! Bravo to all my unsung heroes and heroines out there, your courage, compassion and collective spirit have not gone unnoticed or unfelt.

Thank you.

Stopping Smoking

Hi Danny,

Firstly, I must apologise for not emailing you sooner, it’s been nearly 7 weeks since I met with you for Therapy to stop me smoking.

Great news and no surprise, I’ve not had a cigarette since! I’m so happy and honestly can’t believe how easy it’s been. My family are really pleased and my bank balance looks pretty good too! In fact my husband and I are very much looking forward to the holiday we booked with the money we worked out we can now save.

After the session and leaving a “Non Smoker” I honestly thought I would need a little wheel power to remain a non smoker but this hasn’t been the case, No wheel power needed, I’ve not had a craving for a cigarette, it’s been so easy I feel like I’ve cheated massively in some way but not complaining! It feels like 7 years not 7 weeks I’ve been a non smoker, just amazing.

I’ve raved about the experience to colleagues, friends and family and will continue to direct people to your website.

I can’t thank you enough.

Best wishes