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What on earth is BWRT???

BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy. BWRT is a relatively new and revolutionary therapeutic model.

BWRT promises to deliver significant changes within an exceptionally short period of therapy time. In essence the BWRT claims to tap into and interfere with the brain’s function preceding conscious awareness.

How does BWRT work?

BWRT works with a part of the brain that ‘fires up’ long before the limbic system even gets started. BWRT does its work in that ‘cognitive gap’ between an action starting and conscious recognition of that action. In fact, by the time the limbic system is involved, the physical body has already started to react.

The ‘engine’ of BWRT is a naturally occurring brain state, the ‘Freeze’ response, a ‘synthetic’ version of which is induced therapeutically and without trauma. Then we use the primary communication processes of the early brain to reorganise and neutralise the response(s) associated with the presenting symptom.

What happens during a BWRT session?

In a BWRT session, which usually takes around an hour, the therapist will ask you to target the thing you don’t like about how you’re behaving and feeling, and focus on how you’d rather be. Essentially you freeze the response before it goes past your lizard brain – rather than letting the emotion or action form. And then uses a technique called “recursive loops” to condition the way the brain responds to unwanted triggers.

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